Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Pin Game | My Newest Collection

I have completely jumped on the pin bandwagon and am currently driving towards a zero bank account balance. I love that enamel pins are having a little niche revival right now. Admittedly, I also have a slight tendency to collect *hoard* things, and in my opinion, tiny pins probably aren't the worst option for collecting.

The best thing about pins is their versatility. Adding a pin to a denim jacket or bag instantly transforms and personalizes the piece without taking over. They serve as small nods to some of your favorite fandoms and things. Pins provide an eclectic view into someone's interests and just are plain fun to look at. They are also relatively cheap in the scheme of things, rolling in at around the $10 mark, generally. I've also taken to Disney pin collecting as souvenirs, but that's a whole different story.

Also, in the wake of all the terrible copyright violations of small business and artists I've seen recently, please remember to support artists and small business and buy from them instead of large deceitful companies. Your dollar can make a difference & send a message!

The pins featured on this jacket:

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