Friday, July 8, 2016

Harry Potter Month | Wizarding World Haul

July is Harry Potter month for 5 Fandom Friday. This week, I thought I'd share the irresponsible amount of things I picked up on my recent inaugural trip to Wizarding World Hollywood. My motto for the trip was: "if I want it, I buy it", and boy did I take that to heart.

Among the haul...

Pygmy Puff Slippers: Herbert the purple pygmy puff is my travel partner via keychain on every bag I use. Therefore, when I saw these slippers I actually cartoon-squealed and knew that it was imperative I own them. In the words of the most adorable store clerk: "Don't worry, no pygmy puffs were harmed in the making of these slippers, in fact they may even enjoy it".

Interactive Luna Wand: when you've already decided you're buying a wand, what's an extra $10 to get one that does magic. Plus, it comes with a really cool map that you better believe is going to be framed.

Hufflepuff Scarf: these house scarves are perhaps the prettiest and most functional thing sold in the parks. They are acrylic and fairly thick, so they should do a pretty good job at actually providing warmth. Additionally, there are no logos or words on them, so they're great for incognito fan wardrobe.

Chocolate Frog: I firmly believe that you cannot enter Honeydukes and not buy a chocolate frog. Honestly I bought the frog for the card (it's the cards you want after all) but was seriously surprised with how delicious the completely solid chocolate was. Basically it was a win-win.

Draco's Winter Hat: this was my one-hundred-percent-without-a-doubt spur of the moment purchase. I initially tried it on as a joke but then everyone agreed it was actually pretty cute. Hey, at least I can wear it in the winter to be warm. If it fails, my father will hear about it.

Not pictured is also a Hufflepuff crewneck that I had to have. Believe me it's great. And necessary.

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  1. We too went crazy with HP purchases on our trip there years ago. And I agree, the chocolate frogs were surprisingly good chocolate!

    1. I feel like this is how I'm going to be every time I go, very dangerous for the bank account. Haha

  2. OMG, hadn't seen the Pygmy Puff slippers yet! Must have!

    1. RIGHT?! They are honestly now one of my favorite things.

  3. I love every single item from your haul!!! OMG *heart eyes emoji*