Friday, July 15, 2016

Harry Potter Month | Hermione Inspired Outfits

For my second Harry Potter Month post, I wanted to combine both fashion and literature. The result: Hermione inspired outfits. I took into account both the fact that Granger is a no-nonsense lady and the truth that she is most likely a girl-boss somewhere that required at least semi-professional wardrobe. It was such a fun experiment to channel a character I love so much and dig into my closet in a way I'm not accustomed to! Read on to learn more about each outfit!

Outfit 1 consists of these five essential pieces:
  • Basic black button up (it goes with everything, it's just logical)
  • Plaid dress shorts, because honestly all things should be plaid
  • Clutch, my favorite is this one from S and S Ink
  • Time Turner (have to get to all of your meetings on time)
  • Black loafers, classic

Outfit 2 requires five articles any bright witch should own:
  • Black skinny jeans, a distressed pair keeps things from getting too serious
  • Blazer, any kind will do
  • Solid blouse (if you really want to channel Hermione, the girl loves some subtle embroidery)
  • Pointed-toe kitten heels, which always look battle-ready
  • A book, obviously

If you liked this post, stick around for next Friday- when a certain Loony Lovegood will be featured.

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  1. Love the time turner necklaces!

    1. Thank you! I love them as well, not too expensive on Etsy either :P