Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Recently Read: Winter | The Lunar Chronicles

I tried (unsuccessfully) to remain unattached to these books, these cyborg-space fairy-retellings, to say they were nothing more than another post-apocalyptic fan-service to teenaged girls. However, after reading the 700-something page beast that is Winter, I must succumb to the truth that I adore this series.

The largest factor of my love and biggest accomplishment of this series is the diversity of characters and the relationships between them. Marissa Meyer provides a breadth of characters who are so incredibly refreshing in a genre that feels like it is recycling the same "strong female lead". Meyer's characters are diverse not only in the fact that the majority of leads happen to be POC, but that they all think and act differently. Their motivations are different; their struggles are different- but they are all valuable protagonists.

Additionally, the interactions between characters are such a breath of fresh air. Multiple female characters meet and don't initially battle over a man, or have to get over their overused jealousy of each other. Women are not pitted against each other simply based on the fact they are women. I also need to give a shout-out to the fact that there are male-female relationships that never even hint at romance.... shocking.

So, while The Lunar Chronicles may seem like just another reincarnation of classic princess stories, the series provides so much more; especially to young people who may need various kinds of role models in this tumultuous world we currently live in. Winter not only gives us an exciting story, but a meaningful peek into the possibilities of true character development.

p.s. I got my bangs!

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