Friday, September 16, 2016

Cheeky Makeup | The Balm Cosmetics Review

Let me start off by saying I have never been a huge makeup person. I love watching people create works of art on their face, but it's never really been enjoyable for me. Recently though, I've had a resurgence in interest in makeup, particularly higher-quality makeup. My new strategy is to invest in the categories that bring me the most joy (mascara, lips, eyeliner) and to choose things that look pretty. My goal is to simultaneously invest and minimize.

My first foray into this new strategy was to finally buy some TheBalm products. I've loved looking at these beauties for the past year but could never convince myself it was worth it. Guess what? Worth it. It also helps that I decided to shop during a flash sale and got everything half off.

  • Sexy Mama Translucent Powder - honesty time: I am an oily human. Five minutes after I exit into any environment I've usually got a nice sheen going on. I have accepted this for the most part as the ever-sought-after "dewy-ness" but it gets excessive. I haven't used this powder for long enough time-frames to give a full opinion, but my initial reaction is that it is lovely. It is truly transparent and the packaging is my favorite. Fingers crossed that it doesn't let me down.

  • Schwing Eyeliner  - for some reason I had it in my head that this was a traditional felt tip. It is actually a very brush-like felt tip, which intimidated the life out of me. After getting over the initial panicked moment where all I could think of is the fact that I am not a makeup guru, I was actually shocked. This brush tip is so super fine that it actually gives a lot of control. This eyeliner is not playing around, despite its puns. 

  • What's Your Type (Body Builder) Mascara - I am hugely picky when it comes to mascara. I'm regularly disappointed by drugstore brands. Well friends, I've found a new holy grail. This mascara is to die for. It's just clumpy enough, lengthens, and lasted a whole work shift (which usually by the end of I've gone full raccoon). This is my favorite of the three and something I will definitely be reordering. 

Up next in this adventure are the Besame Cosmetics lipsticks which just arrived at my door. Expect a post on them in the near future- they are so pretty.

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