Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Disneyland 60th & Wizarding World | Instagram Story

I recently (and reluctantly) arrived back home after an amazing week in both Disneyland and Universal Studios. Throughout the trip I was posting on my favorite form of social media: Instagram, (username @irisofamanda if you are so inspired) and thought that I might keep a collection of the trips' grams and the stories behind them here as a pseudo-scrapbook. Without further ado, I present my Disneyland & Wizarding World Instagram story.

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I was very excited to use my Instax Mini for the first time on this trip, and of course had to document that fact. This photo was achieved with the help of my sister, and we probably looked semi-crazy switching back and forth to get the perfect insta-worthy shot.

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Mint juleps are the best. That's all. Also, how can one see this wall and not stop in front of the line to get evidence.

While walking with my sister I actually ran while exclaiming "take my picture on this wall" because I was so excited that it was empty. Surprisingly this face actually is candid.

No additional commentary here. I love Paint The Night with my entire being.

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My family was yelling at me at this moment because I shot off in a different direction to get this picture. Also, I thought I was being sneaky but as I was taking photos Aurora turned and posed for me. Papz was caught. 

I knew we were in Disneyland the same day as Shanghai's opening but I did not know there would be free swag. Score.

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Another actual candid photo. My dad took this one and now it's one of my favorites! You can also see evidence that I always tip-toe when hugging...short person habit. 

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I didn't actually eat two churros at the same time, one was for my mum- but I could've. Also, you can't take a trip to Disneyland and not take a churro picture.

Torn between watching the fireworks and getting the perfect picture, I took about a hundred blind photos whilst being emotionally overwhelmed. Success.

I'm really proud of myself that I didn't cry upon entering Wizarding World for this first time. Side note- this polaroid picture was much easier to take; practice makes perfect or so they say.

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I knew I needed to get a photo of my "In Noctem" tattoo in the park, so while standing in 100 degree weather and searching for my lost sister, this picture was born.

Different park, same "oh my gosh it's empty here take my picture" moment. 

My sister is the most indecisive shopper ever. I'm too impatient. While my dad and I waited outside Filch's Emporium for her to make up her mind, I noticed this lighting. Photo. 

Right before I took this photo I had proclaimed I wasn't going to be in any more photos because we had just been on Jurassic Park and got drenched. But the lighting was actually great and I'm a liar.

My mother convinced my sister and I to stand in line for this picture (I was ready to shop) and it turned out really cool. Thanks mum!

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Nothing special to note here other than I can't wait to go back.

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